Whether you like to recruit and manage your human recources for a shift based tasks, or delegate Shiftat© for your on-demand workforce, Shiftat is built to help you save time while setting your team up for success.


Get It Done With Us

The fully fledged HR solution for the hourly based workforce.


Recruiting shift-based workforce is easier than ever. Shiftat’s award-winning automated platform is designed to simplify your hiring process. Based on your needs, Shiftat AI-powered recommendation system will nominate vetted candidates around your company’s location with the option to preview pre-recorded interviews. With one-click, Shiftat onboarding system will manage the job offer, the *mrn-contract, and the placement of your new hires.


Shiftat cloud-based scheduler eliminates your administration and paperwork effort. You can schedule your shifts with few clicks and track performance in real-time.  You can monitor the attendance, evaluate performance, and manage the shifts as preferred.


Track Attendance 

Using the staff mobile app, your staff can manage their shifts and punches in/out the attendance sheet. In real-time, the shift status is updated in the scheduler view. The supervisor gets instant notification of any changes.


Save your HR department hundreds of hours with Shiftat automated payroll system. You can keep track the working hours and calculate wages in few seconds.


On Demand staffing

If your workforce demand fluctuates, let’s say you are running a successful marketing campaign and you need extra hands, or you need staff during the high session or peak hours, Shiftat *on-demand staffing services is here for you. Satisfaction guaranteed!


You have less than ten employees, you wand to schedule and track their attendance

You want to hire shift-base staff and manage them

You want to make it easy for your HR department.

You are an enterprise, you want to optimize your workforce

With Shiftat AI powered system, managing your human resources  is never easier.

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